I could have provided so much more about my early life if I had only decided to journal some of my earlier life experiences as they happened. I hope that this oversight on my part will encourage others, especially family members, to journal/diary important times/events in their lives – not just the circumstances, but the feelings. As it is, I will be reflecting back on 68+ years of my life and trying to capture a few glimpses into my past as well as doing my best to share who I am and what I do at present. Journaling forward with any consistency will also be a challenge, since I have much going on in my life at this time, including the creation of a new social network – Everyones-life-story!

I never was one for remembering much of my past – even yesterday. I look to the moment – or to the future most often. So this is a real struggle for me. I am being helped to some extent by good fortune. My best friend in high school, Lin Smith, has recently contacted me, and I am to meet with him in a few weeks to reminisce. Also, out of the clear blue sky, a childhood friend, Lonnie Veeder, just contacted me on Facebook. Luckily she remembers much more of our childhood interactions than I do and has already begun to share some of her memories in emails.


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