Life Stages and Musings

OK! So this is my first whack at it! That is my life story. I am thinking pages such as: early memories, childhood, teen years, young and single, married life (reflections only since Gena and I will be doing a separate couple site), careers (yes plural since I have had several), current life activities, reflections (my personal this time), philosophy (including my faith and my whole systems view of life), and my stuff (writings both personal and professional, paintography, photography, memorabilia, my dad’s paintings, etc.).

As I begin to explore our boxes of stuff including a photo album kept by my mom of relatives from both sides, pictures of my father’s painting and other work he did, I am overwhelmed by the level of the task at hand were I to faithfully capture a life’s worth of pictures. Needless to say, I will probably only highlight key pictures that are as historical as they are aesthic. It may take me years to do since this effort of love is only a small portion of the social network I am trying to develop – Everyone’s Life Story.


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