In The Moment


2-15-2011 2:30 pm PST

This sub-domain is as much about a philosophical snaphot in time as it is a moment in history.

I just discovered Seth Godin (maybe a decade late?). He has been around awhile. Like the time I met Bucky Fuller I know Seth will really impact what is left of my life, since my moment of clarity about what I really want to do comes with discovering his life philosophy this day – his “Domino Project” – his writings (especially Tribes, Purple Cow, and I???).  The Domino Project gives me the opportunity to network with like minds and determine new ways to publish. His other books encouraging the creation of a 1000 people in your “tribe” are very encouraging to me in my new business venture at 68 years of age.

It seems that I can operate only so long as a ‘worker bee” and then I must expand my wings and search for new sources of honey (knowledge). I have been at this teaching full time for 7.5 years now and the routine is getting to me. I get some variation by developing new courses or re-developing exist ones. I teach in several verticals at both the bachelor’s level and at the master’s. I teach technology for the City U. master’s program. I teach Project Management also for City U. I teach training and development and human resource classes at DeVry U.  And still I get bored with the routine. Fortunately my muse awakened this month, and at the same time I encountered Seth Godin and others to inspire me to partner with that muse to achieve some unique legacy for my life and, at the same time, enjoy the endorphin rush of the experience.

Excuse the momentary diversion. I have very eclectic reading tastes: science fiction, any non-fiction that focuses on social relations and knowledge management, a variety of philosophical works, and “good news” messages from a Christian perspective. I Christian book I am currently reading is: “Blue Like Jazz”, by Donald Miller.  Don states on P. 152 –“There is an entire world inside yourself, and if you let yourself, you can get so deep inside it you will forge the way to the surface. Other people keep our soles alive, just like food and water does with our body”. I am hoping to develop Everyone’s Life Story to the point that I become a primary agent in a movement to “keep our sole’s alive”.


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